Dirty Money; be careful what you touch

By Lance Winslow


Our money is worn out within a few weeks. Paper money never lasts very long. This is good in that it keeps the fake money to a minimum. But money in the event of an epidemic, virus or disease bio-attack could help spead it fast. now then If the money was coated with .1 mil of ceramic coating it could literally be washed without being destroyed. Glass is impervious to moisture and could be cleaned with steam and be safe to use again. Small businesses could clean the money with a little steam machine before the register in the case of a huge bio attack which is running wild through the population.

The Federal Reserve although would have a slightly increased price to print, the money would surely last three to five times as long. It would be protected in the event of direct sunlight and UV. It would be protected against spreading diseases now, things like TB, common cold, etc. as many Americans are weakened in their immune systems due to Diabetes, AIDS, etc. So we could in fact save lives this way now. As we have illegal aliens coming over the borders without their shots, we are suseptable to so many types of diseases and viruses every day and for the most part we are also using cash everyday, although that will eventually change too, due to use of plastic monies;


And electronic payments via RFID implanted devices or Cell phone chip payments or even micro payments on the Internet.

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