Florida Real Estate Market Still Hot for Land Lot Investors

Is the Real Estate bubble going to burst? We have heard this statement hundreds of times. While there are definitely going to be strong corrections in some overly priced markets there are other markets that will tolerate it differently. Most of us have seen the Real Estate cycles.

In the late Eighties and early Nineties Real Estate was in a lull. It wasn't until the stock market decline in 1999-2001 that many people started taking money out of stock and investing them in Real Estate that we started to see the boom. This was also coupled with very favorable interest rates.

Some cities are super inflated and this has caused many home buyers to get interest only loans because they could not afford to make payments on the traditional 15 or 30 loans. Many of these interest only loans have principal payments and increased interest payments coming due soon. This will force many people who purchased on speculation to sell there home quickly.

As this begins to happen the listings on the MLS will begin to drop in price as one desperate seller lowers his price another will lower even further to stay competitive. We see this happening now in major cities in California and in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now with this understanding here is why Florida has a great shot at riding out this burst, maybe with a small temporary decline, only to keep a more realistic value increase. Florida has an over abundance of job opportunity.

If you live in Florida have you tried to get your roof fixed lately? How about fix your pool screening? Or even get an appliance fixed? You may have seen how backed up everyone is. It is very hard to find people to give services now. Look around and you'll see all of the Now Hiring signs in retail stores. The Florida economy is booming.

Jobs are available. Also, the population of Florida is fast growing. There are quite a bit of states that are actually loosing population where Florida is expected to grow very rapidly especially with the new influx of the baby boomers.

They are leaving there Northern homes, retiring and moving to more moderate climate. The coastal areas of Florida have been growing like never seen before and it's not going to stop any time soon. While some areas around the Country may be in danger of home and land value decreases, most of Florida may have a small slow down, but don't look for a big burst here.

It will retain it's value and be on the rise again. Now might be the window of opportunity to invest.

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