Ten Businesses You Can Start from Home

Here are 10 Internet businesses you can start from home, without a lot of training and a lot of upfront cost. The first of these is a bookkeeping service. This is a very popular business because people either love or hate bookkeeping and most the latter. Business managers and owners don't usually have the time to keep their own books, and welcome someone reliable who can do it for them. Small business owners don't need full time bookkeepers so a service that offers this on a contract basis is ideal for these folks.

To be a bookkeeping service success, you must be accurate and thorough and have spreadsheet and accounting software proficiency. Your integrity and attention to detail must be superb. If you haven't already done any bookkeeping or accounting work you'll just need a couple basic how-to courses at the college level to be ready to start this Internet business from home. Many community colleges offer credit or continuing education courses in the classroom or you can enroll in an online or distance learning program with many colleges and universities across the country. If you are leaving a career behind in which you excelled and in which you still have an interest you can offer consulting services in that field and industry.

Consulting is a $12 billion industry in the U.S. alone, and that number increases each year as technology allows for distance communication. Practically anyone can do consulting work. They just need to know more about their field of specialization than the clients for whom they work.

They must be dependable, personable, organized and able to convey the materials and information they are hired to convey. There are so many consulting businesses that thrive today, many of them doing business in large part from home on the Internet. Here are the top 10 Internet consulting businesses you can start from home. The first of these is advertising consultations.

This type of consultant may work on a small business Web site, if not designing setting up its e-mail opt-in marketing campaign, writing its content, developing its downloadable and other brochures, and planning advertising strategies both online and offline. Auditing consultancy is another of the top 10 Internet businesses you can start from home. You might be hired to audit a questionable utility bill, audit the circulation of publication, or audit any number of statistical documents for purposes of verification or decision making. Business consultants offer so many different services and make one of the best of the 10 Internet businesses you can start from home. A business consultant, so important to start ups and small businesses whose owners can't afford or don't need full time managerial staff, can advise on accountants, public relations functions and professionals, can provide desktop publishing assistance, help write a business plan, help secure a start up loan and assist in the purchase and choice of business hardware and software.

The other six of the top 10 Internet businesses you can start from home include business writing and editing services, career counseling, communications services, computer consultation, executive search, and grant writing. Source: http://www.

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