What if Investing Were Easy and Everyone Made Money?

By Lance Winslow


What if everyone investing in the capitalization of American Business? What if it were easy? What if people could trade on eTrade without losing their shirt or going over board with day trading risk? What if everyone always made money in the market?

What if there were less regulations slowing companies down and tying their hands behind their backs preventing them from making money? What if the wall street crowd was always on the up and up? What if investing were much simpler and did not have all those forms and rules?

What if you could be more in control? Do you think more Americans would invest and save in 401Ks and mutual funds? What if stockbrokers were something you felt safer with instead of classifying them as car salesmen types?

What if you did not have the government pocketing your money each month for a social security you do not believe you will ever see? What if you could or would be allowed to invest your own money and in a way you could understand which was simple?

What if you had your own private financial planner which custom tailored a plan for your and your family? For kids college, first house and your preferably early retirement? Ah yes. . .What if; that is to say What if Investing Were Easy and Everyone Made Money?

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