Your Money, My Money

By Kenneth Hoffman


Are you a married couple who fights about money?

The old adage that the work fills the time available is also true with money. No matter how much we have, there is never any left over. More important is the fact that many couples argue about whose money is spent for what. These arguments can turn nasty and divisive.

One simple solution is for the couple to agree that no matter who brings the money into the household, it all should go into one kitty. One joint checking account and one joint savings account is all that is needed. The result of this arrangement is a raised awareness of how much money is there to spend and a natural tendency to ask your partner for a willingness to spend some of the money for a specific item. Since all the money belongs to both of you, fewer arguments are raised pertaining to who has the right to spend it.

One benefit is a satisfaction one partner gets when the money in the bank is increased due to their own hard efforts. It’s like a gift of love every working day of your life. Even if one partner stays home with the children and brings no cash to the table, the value of these efforts are needed and should be appreciated by the other partner. Another is the increased use of the word, ‘our’ and ‘we’.

A joint checking account presents one challenge that can’t be overlooked. It is almost impossible to surprise your partner with a birthday or holiday gift.

Some solutions to this problem include making a gift with your own hands, squirreling aside your walking around money until you have enough and offering to have your partner pick out their own gift, then act surprised. The lack of surprise is a small price to pay for a lifetime of peace and tranquility at bill paying time.

I have practiced what I preach for almost 40 years. Successfully.

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