Money Management

There are three investment vehicles which can make you rich. Stocks, businesses, and real estate. Learn how to invest your money the wise way.

What if Investing Were Easy...

By Lance Winslow

What if everyone investing in the capitalization of American Business? What if it were easy? What if people could trade on eTrade without losing their shirt or going over board with day trading risk? What if everyone always made money in the market? more...

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Using COT Report for Forecasting Forex Movements - What do we mean by COT report, after all? And why is it so prominent an indicator used in the forex trade market? COT stands for Commitments of Traders and the report is drawn down by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission which is a detailed information report in the futures market on positions and volumes of contracts.


The Cost of Not Having Money

By Jason Rigler

The self-esteem factor of not having enough money is underestimated. You know what I mean don’t you? The agony of financially struggling and the ecstasy of financial abundance are dramatically different moments in a person’s life. And I for one would choose the abundance over the struggling any day. more...

Your Money, My Money

By Kenneth Hoffman

Are you a married couple who fights about money?

The old adage that the work fills the time available is also true with money. No matter how much we have, there is never any left over. More important is the fact that many couples argue about whose money is spent for what. These arguments can turn nasty and divisive. more...

Money Management Skills

– Ten Holiday Spending Tips

By Rick Munster

It’s getting near the time of year again where thousands upon thousands of consumers will be flocking to retail stores for holiday gift items or to find those once a year sales we just can’t seem to resist. more...